I look forward to helping companies develop the market strategy necessary to increase market share and improve marketing performance.



“From the moment I joined Harte Hanks, Tiffany has been everything anyone would want from a colleague; helpful, collaborative, professional, always positive, dedicated and hard-working. However, Tiffany is far more than that; she is a thought leader in the World of Big Data and an individual who’s capability and vision mark her down as a genuinely stellar performer and talent who will go a long, long way.”


- Steve Narancic, Director of Business Development, Harte Hanks – UK Office


 ”I worked with Tiffany on a number of projects and found her to be speedy, resourceful and insightful. I regard her as one of the best “go to” people when I need to speak to US colleagues and recommend her to anyone as the same.”


- Martin Dawson, Strategic Solutions Director, Information Arts (a Harte Hanks Company)


“Over the years I have worked with many sales people, and most have been competent but Tiffany is exceptional. She is extremely intelligent, understands her product, is a very effective communicator and has worked extremely hard to make sure that what her team delivered was exactly what our company was expecting. Any company would be lucky to have her as part of the sales team.”

- James Weeks, Senior Marketing Intelligence Analyst, Lexmark Inc


“Tiffany has an exception aptitude for diverse ways to deliver demand generation programs which meet and exceed customer expectations. She proactively leverages all social media channels to engage the content marketing community as an advocate and industry maven.”


- McKinley Hackett, Senior Account Executive, Aberdeen (A Harte-Hanks Company)


“Tiffany is very passionate and serious about helping her clients find new (and the right) business. An accomplished topical author/blogger, I am also always impressed how she has her finger on the pulse of the latest in technology marketing trends. I recommend her highly.”


- Scott Atkins, Marketing and Sales Executive, Harte Hanks


“Tiffany is sales person ahead of the curve. She is able to create innovative campaigns and sell value. Additionally she has shown the ability work with other functional groups and collaborate with colleagues in other geographies. Perhaps what most impressive about Tiffany is her intelligence and resourcefulness. She will find a way to make sales and increase revenues for her company. I look forward to seeing Tiffany advance through her career. Advancement for her will come quickly.”


- Deidred Acosta, Senior Account Executive and Team Lead, Aberdeen (A Harte-Hanks Company)


“Tiffany is a hard worker always making sure clients get the best service possible. She always watches out for things that can be improved for better business results and environment. She is ready to voice her opinion for the benefit of clients and the company she works for. She is a pleasure to work with and a very trustworthy coworker with fresh and new ideas.I highly recommend her for any sales and marketing jobs.”


- Brook Erol, Marketing Manager, Harte Hanks


“Tiffany is a results-driven, innovative manager with extensive experience in sales and management. Principal strengths include increasing volume profitably, developing people, and improving processes. She has exceptional follow-ship, is a self-starter, and possesses excellent communication skills.”


- Rory Berg, Director of Sales and Operations, VAVi Sport and Social Club


“Tiffany is smart, tenacious, and listens to her customers – which enables her to sell strategic solutions that solve her clients’ needs.”


- Guy Jones, Analytics Product Manager, Harte Hanks


“Thanks to Tiffany we have managed to grow two potential accounts in to two full size global key accounts. Her business sense combined with a deep understanding of the cultural differences (between US and Europe) drove the results. She managed to adapt herself while keeping a strong direction. It was pleasure to work with her. 

Highly recommended!”


- Brahim Samhoud, Vice President Sales EMEA, Harte-Hanks, Inc.


“Dependable, trustworthy, well-informed, personable – these are only a few of the qualities that make Tiffany a top performing business professional in her field. Whether she’s blogging about data driven marketing best practices, or delivering in-depth value to clients and prospects, Tiffany not only excels at executing on present initiatives, she also goes the extra mile to prepare for what’s best in the future. As a colleague, Tiffany has been an invaluable bridge between marketing and sales, and as a blogger, she’s produced some of the most widely viewed content on the Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence blog to date. In terms of team dynamics, Tiffany is the kind of player who elevates everyone around her while still being focused, prepared and independent enough to come through in clutch situations on her own as well.”


- Andrew Moravick, Marketing Manager at Harte-Hanks, Inc.


“I had the pleasure of working with Tiffany while she interned, then came on as a hired employee here at VAVi. Tiffany’s work ethic, leadership skills, and determination would be a great addition to any team. She learns concepts very quickly and has a desire to learn any skills necessary to be the best he can be.”


- Keith Cunningham, VP of Events & Sponsorship Sales, VAVi Sport & Social


Anksana Rashatasuvan, Project Manager at Harte Hanks Market Intelligence, Customer Solutions, Europe


‘I have worked with Tiffany on global key accounts (across Europe/US) and she is a great team player. She has always gone that extra mile for all of our customers to delivery, meet and exceed the clients expectations. She is personable, gracious and full of enthusiasm and knowledge that she is open to share with colleagues and clients alike. She is a great asset to any company.’


K.C. McCaffrey, Vice President, Sales at Harte-Hanks, Inc.


“Tiffany is a detail oriented team player. She exudes confidence and works well in complex environments. Tiffany is an ‘A’ player and I highly recommend her.”


George Shafer, Senior Director, Demand Generation Services at Harte-Hanks, Inc.


“Would you like a laser focused, intelligence and smart Sales Person? This describes Tiffany and her work during this last year. All of my interactions with Tiffany produced professional and meaningful results that added value to every project…and guess what…she can write a mean blog about the High Tech industry. I would not hesitate in working with her again.”


2014 present

Global Enterprise

Global Enterprise Account Manager

Helping businesses transforming client relationships from vendor transactions to customer loyalists. Currently consulting small businesses on the ways of loyalty marketing.

2010 2011

VAVi Sport & Social Club, San Diego, CA


2nd-largest sport and social club in the U.S., offering high-quality sports leagues, world-renowned races, and events.

Sales & Service  ǀ  Operations Leadership  ǀ  Team Leadership

Established fitness department, coordinating sales and customer service for 500+ athletic leagues across San Diego County, as well as 5K races. Recruited and directed team of national and international undergrad and grad students.


2011 2012

Aire Urban Fitness, San Diego, CA

Sales & Marketing ǀ New Business Development ǀ Client Retention

Leading provider of San Diego’s most extensive selection of cutting-edge exercise and specialized training programs.

Joined this startup organization to direct marketing and branding of signature fitness and nutrition programs. Acted as spokeswoman, model, and overall face of Aire for marketing collateral, videos, and promotional events. Trained personal trainers on sales.

  • Increased gym attendance by instituting Aire Athletes customer rewards program. Publicized program on social media to raise awareness, build brand, and stimulate engagement on Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare.

  • Raised profitability by realigning pricing from per-class to membership model. Emphasized value, and transitioned 60% of existing membership base to new pricing structure.

  • Launched corporate wellness program, garnering business from major law firms, downtown businesses, and apartment communities.

2012 2013

Harte Hanks, San Diego, CA


Account Management & Growth  ǀ  Strategic Sales & Marketing  ǀ  Corporate Branding

Delivered 138% growth in Tier 1 and Tier 2 strategic accounts by executing sales and marketing initiatives that supported Harte Hanks’ industry-leading position as premier provider of targeted data analytics and customer intelligence. Wrote 3 blogs in partnership with industry experts at Aberdeen Group—blogs that logged the highest number of views in company history.


New Business Development  ǀ  Competitive Positioning  ǀ  Account Acquisition & Expansion

Recruited to drive new business and expand existing SMB and Fortune 1000 accounts in historically underperforming territory. Prospected new business, repeatedly superseding incumbents, by building relationships at multiple levels. Partnered with sales specialists in other Harte Hanks’ departments to capture potential upselling opportunities.

  • Delivered 114% bookings to quota. Introduced series of new accounts to Harte Hanks, including those with clients previously unwilling to meet with the company.

  • Distinguished as sole sales specialist to sell large, out-of-department product, Aberdeen Group Webinar, to leading customer experience analytics firm. Managed pre- and post-sale implementation of webinar product.

2013 2014

Harte Hanks, San Diego, CA


Leading provider of industry data to Fortune 1000 clients, to analyze the market, measure the effectiveness of marketing programs, and by combining analytics with predictive modeling, to identify untapped opportunities.

Tier 1 Account Management  ǀ  New Business Development  ǀ  Client Relationship Management

Only business development manager promoted 3 times in 2 years. Capture, manage, and expand global Tier 1 accounts. Provide data and analytic solutions for clients’ national and international strategic inbound lead-generation objectives. Consult with clients, providing insights on defining data-driven market strategy, content development, and best practices in campaign execution. Focus on providing North America and EMEA data insights. Collaborate with international teams.

  • Delivered 138% of quota for 2013, and ranked as top performing sales representative, winning 2013 Sales Excellence Award.

  • Captured Lexmark International, the 1st analytics deal ever for Harte Hanks, and 1 of the largest international deals in the department.

  • Sold CiTargetSmart, providing data-driven insight for customer profiling and market opportunity identification.

  • Lexmark identified nearly $1 billion of upsell opportunity from CiTargetSmart.

  • Provided customer intelligence for Comcast region, beyond Comcast’s internal capabilities. Solution includes analytics teams evaluating Comcast’s customer base, identifying ideal customers, and clarifying market opportunity.

  • Structured lead prioritization solution for Blue Coat’s North American and international markets, key to identifying and dedicating resources to highest-potential leads.



Bachelor of Arts, Journalism, San Diego State University

Minor in Religious Studies, San Diego State University

Graduated Top 10% of Class  ǀ  Magna Cum Laude

Scholars Without Borders Honorary Society  ǀ  Phi Kappa Phi  ǀ  Golden Key



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